Wireless Smart Lighting Systems

Commercial & Industrial Real Estate

One of the main applications of our IoT platform is wireless lighting control. Our MyriaMesh technology empowers Wireless Smart LED Lighting Systems that maximize energy savings, comfort and efficiency levels and minimize operational costs.


Our solutions:

  • WIRELEDS® Smart LED lighting system
  • BLC suite, building lighting control for architecturial  & design specials
  • OLC suite, outdoor lighting control for public and industrial real estate (ATEX certified)
  • IoT OEM modules for luminaire makers


Our mission is to make Wireless Smart LED lighting the obvious choice for any ledification project. It offers maximized savings, health and comfort levels now, and endless opportunities for smart IoT applications in the future.

IoT Platform for Smart Buildings

Commercial Real Estate

Developed by Chess Wise, MyriaMesh is an IoT platform for Smart Buildings that creates fully connected, responsive and healthy work-environments.


The MyriaMesh Smart Building platform enhances the way we experience our work environment. Its sensor and control network delivers the simplest and most advanced way to manage the interoperability of a building’s systems like lighting, window coverings and HVAC. This helps to significantly improve the performance indicators for health, comfort and sustainability and as a result increase a property’s value.

Smart HVAC

And Beyond

Smart Parking

CO2 Monitoring

And Beyond

IoT Platform for Smart Cities

Industrial & Public Real Estate

MyriaMesh is a highly flexible, self-operating IoT platform that creates connected, responsive cities, industrial sites or other large scale infrastructures.


Its sensor and control network delivers the simplest and most advanced platform to manage the interoperability of public, private and industrial assets. This helps to significantly improve the sustainability, maintenance, safety and the experience of a site or city.

The Future Is Now

MyriaMesh IoT Technology

MyriaMesh is an ultra-agile IoT platform with endless opportunities to unlock new value adding applications. The opportunities are endless.