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  • This week we were at lighting days Lyon, the French exhibition for the lighting professional. Together with partners Intellinnov and Liteplan we showed the versatility of Mymesh to the French publi...

  • The Paris treaty and new European regulations are putting more and more pressure on organisations to work sustainable. Chess, a Dutch company specialized in wireless lighting, focuses on sustainabi...

  • We are delighted to announce that Chess partners with Lux-It. Han Bak, our CEO and

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    Chess Wise grows. To help us with this growth, Joost Toornend started this week in the role of senior marketer. Joost was born a...

Smart Building

A smart building starts with smart lighting

For commercial real estate it becomes more and more required to reduce energy consumption. With sustainable developments you reduce your energy bill and increase the market value of your buildings faster compared with not modernised buildings. Smart LED Lighting – only turns on when needed – reduces your energy consumption up to 80%.


Our mission is to make Wireless Smart LED lighting the obvious choice for any ledification project. The MyriaMesh wireless light control system uses smart light control components and is developed to be applied with any make and type lighting fixture of your preference.


Without the use of cables, light control is fully integrated with LED lighting fixtures. The wireless mesh network is extremely scalable and resilient for large LED Lighting systems. All components automatically form a strong mesh network.


Commissioning is easy with the App for iPad. If desired also remote management of the network is possible.
With MyriaMesh Building Light Control it is easy to upgrade your lighting system to a Smart LED Lighting system. Smart LED lighting offers directly maximized savings, health and comfort levels and endless opportunities for smart IoT applications in the future.

Smart City

A smart city starts with smart public lighting

MyriaMesh is a highly flexible, self-operating IoT platform that creates connected, responsive cities, industrial sites or other large scale infrastructures.


Its sensor and control network delivers the simplest and most advanced platform to manage the interoperability of public, private and industrial assets. This helps to significantly improve the sustainability, maintenance, safety and the experience of a site or city.

The Future Is Now

MyriaMesh IoT Technologie

MyriaMesh is an ultra-agile IoT platform with endless opportunities to unlock new value adding applications. The opportunities are endless.

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