Chess Wise releases new Light Commissioning App with daylight harvesting

Chess Wise releases new Light Commissioning App with daylight harvesting

Our wireless light control system received a big update recently and with it comes a brand new application for iPad: MyriaMesh Light Commissioning. The new app will have a familiar design for users of the old app, but it comes with some exciting new features and smaller changes to commission your lighting even easier.

One of our most anticipated new features is daylight harvesting. This setting can now be chosen for every MultiSensor. For example when more sunlight enters your office, your lighting will automatically dim itself to compensate. Though the sensor calibrates itself, you can also manually adjust the sensor to your liking. Other new features in the app include:

  • Adjusting the maximum output level of every lamp individually,
  • A new Master-setting for switches. You now only need one switch for all three settings you can use on a building or floor level: Ready, Overrule and Emergency,
  • To further increase the security of your lighting system, you will now register your iPad to our network before being able to make any changes.


We have also slightly altered the design in this new app to keep things simple. The previous app used a lot of different icons for drivers and modules, which made things unnecessarily complicated. We have removed these icons and replaced them with easier to understand ones. For example, every driver or module is now shown as a light bulb. In our instruction videos you can see how easy it is to use our new application:

When you upgrade your lighting by installing the smart, wireless light control system of Chess Wise now, you will directly be able to use the new MyriaMesh Light Commissioning App and all of its features. If you are already using our light control system, you need to update the system first. When the sun is shining bright, it’s time to dim the light. Get in contact with us now to upgrade your lighting system.

You can download the new MyriaMesh Light Commissioning App for free on the Apple App Store