Original Equipment Manufacturer

Original Equipment Manufacturers

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The digital transformation in the building services industry is developing at an ever-faster pace. Embedded connected technologies offer Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) great opportunities to develop networked assets that offer more value and that create opportunities for new business models and services.


With MyriaMesh, Chess Wise delivers embedded network technology and partners with OEMs to develop networked assets, parts and accessories such as integrated luminaires, fixtures, blinds, HVAC parts, drivers etc.


Our cutting edge technology transforms building services components into IoT-compatible devices. Together we can create significant value for stakeholders of commercial, public and industrial real estate.

Smart Blinds

Smart HVAC

And Beyond

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Partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers are highly valuable to us. Together we can develop new business models and exploit the opportunities of a networked economy while creating highly secure, responsive and sustainable environments that will improve the day-to-day lives of many for years to come.

Why Partner With Chess Wise?

• Serve the unprecedented growing need for IoT compatible, networked building systems, assets and devices.


• Capture the significant opportunities to create new business models in a networked economy by collecting data at low costs.


• Create a strong competitive advantage and deliver cutting edge networked products.

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