Smart Building Platform

MyriaMesh Smart Building Platform

MyriaMesh Delivers A Highly Flexible IoT Platform For Fully Responsive, Sustainable, Healthy Smart Buildings

The MyriaMesh Smart Building platform enhances the way we experience our work environment. Its self-operating sensor and control network delivers the simplest and the most advanced way to manage the interoperability of a building’s systems like lighting, window coverings and HVAC. This helps to significantly improve the performance of your building and increase its value.

Smart Blinds

Smart HVAC

And Beyond

Let’s create responsive, healthy and prosperous workspaces with a wireless sensor and control network that delivers an agile, ultra-secure and simple smart building platform

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Complex versus Simple

Legacy Building Automation System (simplified)

• Multiple, single purpose, system layers

• Complex configuration of individual controllers per room

• High operational costs

• No integrated building performance management

MyriaMesh Smart Building Platform

• One platform

• Simple and agile

• Low operational costs

• Integrated building performance management

MyriaMesh Smart Building Platform

Smart Building Platform

How It Works

Our patented networked technology self-organizes the deployment of sensors and controls in a building and enables interoperability between different sensors, controls and actuators in a one distributed network. This empowers you to lower energy costs, maximize comfort and health conditions and increase the productivity and well-being of occupants.

1. The sensor & control network is self-operational

MyriaMesh sensors and actuators communicate as equals and share a distributed memory. Together they form a self-organizing Smart Building Platform and manage the building’s systems like lighting, window coverings and HVAC autonomously.

2. Easy Commissioning

Adding new devices or changing their properties is simple. Your MyriaMesh network identifies and includes new sensors and controls as soon as they are in the proximity of the network. Now you only need to tell the network what you want this new device to do. The commissioning app and our bluetooth gateway offer the necessary access to the network so you can instruct or change the role of the new device. And you are done!

3. Building Performance Management In The Cloud

You can augment the operation of your network with data analysis tools and a growing set of applications to monitor and control your building performance. Simply add a gateway to your network and exchange data with the MyriaMesh Building Management system.