Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting with the Building Light Control (BLC) Suite

A smart building starts with smart lighting

MyriaMesh Building Light Control is a wireless light control system that can be applied with any make and type lighting fixture of your preference.


Our MyriaMesh Building Light Control system make use of smart control devices like a driver or controller for lighting fixtures and smart LED tubes. A wireless sensor and switch are applied for automatic and manual control options. All components automatically form a strong mesh network.


With MyriaMesh Building Light Control it is easy to upgrade your lighting system to a Smart LED Lighting system.


  • Up to 90% energy savings with LED and light control, because the lights only turn on when needed
  • For remote management the network supplies data (if desired) to a Management System
  • Extremely scalable, perfect for retrofit and large scale projects
  • Easy commissioning and modification of light control with iPad App
  • No additional cables required and easy to install
  • Secure by design


  • The BLC 200 is a smart wireless lighting control module and includes a series of controllers for the control of lighting fixtures. The BLC 200  with built-in antenna is a single solution with DALI, 1-10V and 200W relay controller to control any luminaires.


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  • The Mini BLC-DALI is a small smart wireless lighting controle module and includes a DALI controller for lighting luminaires.The Mini BLC-DALI is a small version of the BLC200 for installation in (line) fixtures. With a Mini BLC-DALI you can easily control any luminaire equipped with a DALI dimmable LED driver. The Mini BLC-DALI comes with an antenna that can be freely positioned in the lighting fixture.


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  • With the Mini BLC-4DI you can connect an external switch, external sensor or external Building Automation System actuator switch to your MyriaMesh Building Light Control system. The Mini BLC-4DI is equipped with four digital inputs (potential-free contact) which can individually be set to control the MyriaMesh Building Light Control system. The Mini BLC-4DI comes with an antenna.


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  • The Mini BLC-Relay is a small smart wireless control module with a 10A relay for switching lighting luminaires or other devices. With a Mini BLC-Relay, you can easily control any luminaire or device. The Mini BLC-Relay comes with an antenna.


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  • The LCM-40MM is a wirelessly controlled and dimmable Smart LED driver and replaces traditional dimmable drivers. The LCM-40MM is the simplest solution for instant wireless control of your lighting fixtures. The LCM-40MM has an integrated MyriaMesh Building Light Control module and an adjustable power of up to 42W. The maximum current is adjustable from 350mA to 1050mA using DIP switch.


    Productsheet Mean Well LED Driver LCM-40MM...

  • The wirelessly controlled and dimmable T8 LED tube is equipped with an internal Smart LED Driver with a built-in wireless controller. The T8 LED tube is available in lengths 1200m and 1500mm and the color temperatures 3000K or 4000K. Dimming uses constant current control, allowing deep dimming (<5%).


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  • The MyriaMesh BLC Remote Switch is a wireless light/dimming/scene switch with a long-life battery for flexible wall mounting. The Remote Switch is used for different manual control options like switching, dimming, overrule and scenes select for lighting fixtures equipped with a Building Light Controller or Smart LED Driver.


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  • The MyriaMesh MultiSensor is a presence and ambient light sensor with long-life battery for flexible wall/ceiling mounting. It enables you to control a group of nodes (e.g. lighting fixtures or blinds) based on the presence of occupants or illuminance.


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  • The Bluetooth Gateway enables you to access the MyriaMesh platform and commission a new device by means of the MyriaMesh Commissioning App for iPad.


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  • Commissioning of your MyriaMesh Light Control System is easy with this MyriaMesh Light Commissioning App for iPad.

    Main features:

    • Easy commissioning and modification of the lighting control system
    • Create lighting groups on building, floor and room level
    • Set automatic and manual light control options with sensors and switches
    • Completely customizable settings for light levels, scenes, timers.
    • Secure operating environment
    • Demo mode


    Download MyriaMesh Commissioning App...

  • The Ethernet Gateway is used to connect your MyriaMesh network to our cloud. This enables you to connect your light control system to other systems like a Building Automation System by using REST API. The MyriaMesh light control system is self-operating. Therefore connecting your system to the cloud is optional.


    The Ethernet Gateway can also establish a connection with the cloud through WiFi or a 4G connection. In order to do so an additional WiFi Bridge or 4G internet modem has to be connected to the Ethernet Gateway.


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  • With the web-based MyriaMesh BOSS Management System you can remotely control, monitor & commission your MyriaMesh Building Light Control System.


    The MyriaMesh BOSS Management System offers a range of features. It is used to control, monitor and commission your MyriaMesh Building Light Control System. Only authorized users have access to the BOSS Management System through a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Authorization comes on different levels like Commissioner, End-user or Administrator.


    With monitoring in the BOSS you can for example look at the status of components, keep an eye on how much energy you are consuming or check if all the lights are still working. In the Management System it is also possible to adjust the settings of several components or entire groups. A MyriaMesh Ethernet Gateway enables the connection between your Building Light Control System and the BOSS Management System.


Agile platform integration and management

The MyriaMesh BLC smart lighting system can be deployed on the same MyriaMesh platform as the smart blinds or (the upcoming) HVAC solutions. All sensors and controls are part of the same MyriaMesh network, regardless of whether they operate a light actuator, a blind actuator or any other actuator. The agility of the smart building platform amplifies your opportunities to manage both the sustainability performance and the comfort of your building.

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