Smart Street Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting Control (OLC) Suite

If you control the lights you control the city

The Mymesh Outdoor Light Control Suite allows you to turn any (legacy) street lighting infrastructure into a smart & wireless lighting system that inherently is the foundation for a smart city platform. The smart lighting sensors and controls form a dense network throughout your city that besides controlling a city’s lights, can be exploited to monitor and control other smart city systems & applications like smart parking, traffic-, co2 and security monitoring by means of the Mymesh City Management System


  • The OLC is a Wireless Smart Street Lighting Controller that collects and transfers the data required to optimize energy consumption, extend lifetime of a lighting fixture/lamp and schedule the maintenance activities for your smart street lighting system. It offers a perfect refurbish solution for legacy street lighting systems


    The following data is provided:

    • Operating chart of the lighting fixture/lamp: on/off/dim level against time
    • Operating hours
    • Outage
    • Operating hours data
    • Energy consumption


    This data can be applied for predictive maintenance analytics in the Mymesh City Management System


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  • The Mymesh OLC Gateway enables the data transfer to the Mymesh street lighting management system in the cloud to monitor, analyze & control lights remotely (optional).


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  • The Luminizer software for smart lighting functions as a central dashboard for the management and control of public lighting in the area. It provides you with all the tools necessary for asset management, fault, and maintenance management and the control and monitoring of dynamic lighting. The software is user-friendly, cloud-based and suitable for large-scale applications.


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Agile platform integration and management

All sensors and controls are part of the same Mymesh network, regardless of what actuator they operate. The size of the network may grow up to 10.000 nodes and more. The scale and agility of the Mymesh smart city amplifies your opportunities to manage the performance of your city

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